Supplies Needed at Lents Cooling Station


We’ll be hosting another Cooling Station in Lents tomorrow and Friday to help folks cope with the very high temps. As we’ve learned from the last heatwave, we are disproportionately impacted in the Lents area and the lives of many people, including our houseless neighbors, are at risk. We need:
-styrofoam coolers
-sunscreen SPF 50 or higher
-non-perishable high protein snacks (salty!)

Can you help? If you can donate any of these supplies, please bring them to Refuge Coffee House today and/or tomorrow, between 1pm and 5pm only*!

Thank you, community, for coming together to support each other!

(*Important: Please don’t drop off donations outside of these hours. We are very thankful to Refuge Coffee Shop for being willing to collect donations for our community and don’t want their space or business overwhelmed, so it’s important to respect that window of time. The Cooling Station will take place at Lents Park, Thursday 7/29 12-5pm and Friday 7/30 12-7pm

Thank you, everyone!!

Beat The Heat Houseless Outreach

Beat The Heat Houseless Outrach. Donations and Volunteers Need.

Hey everyone: if you have extra of the following supplies, please consider donating them in LENTS to help our unhoused neighbors during this record-breaking heatwave:

We need bottled water, electrolyte water/powder, mini-fans + batteries, coolers and ice!

Additionally, we are looking for more CHEST FREEZERS that we can use to store all the drinks and freeze them ahead of distribution, so please reach out if you have a chest freezer that we can use!

We also need to borrow WAGONS to carry the donations our to camps!

Last but not least, we need YOU! If you can help us either by organizing donations or distributing them to our unhoused neighbors, please join @pdxsaintslove@eastpdxcollective, and @pdxvets at Lents Park (east side) tomorrow Sunday, 6/27 at 10:00 am! Or, sign up for a shift!

Housed and unhoused neighbors working together hand-in-hand to beat one of the most severe heat waves in history! Stay safe out there, everyone!