PDX Winter Light Fest In Lents 2022!!

PDX Winter Light Fest In Lents: 2022

More behind the scenes photos will be added, so check back soon!

What is a community mural?

A community mural is an artistic activity that is based in a community setting and characterized by interaction and dialogue with community, and in collaboration with a professional artist (Yathzi Turcot)! Read more about community art from the Tate Modern here, and it’s benefits here. Community input sessions were on January 21 and 22, at the Woodie Guthrie Community Room and Lents Park!

How did the mural come together?

Using a projector and white pencils, we are tracing the community-generated elements and designs on the plywood panels that we primed in black matte paint in advance. Next, community members (you!) of all ages stopped by to help fill in with paint. Once the regular paint dried, we added UV/glow-in-the-dark paint so the mural lights up at night!

After tracing with a white pencil the community-generated designs projected on the black panels, we began the process of adding color! Community members stopped by and filled in with color a section of their choosing and were involved in the creative process (masked, sanitized, and with the doors to the outside open to maximize air flow). It took us a full week to make this mural come to full life & color!

We’ll had an open house for the kick-off of the display lighting of the mural panels that were in the windows of Lents Commons for Portland Winter Light Fest, and through the @fallinlovewithlents weekend, Feb. 11-13, 2022!

This is what community painting with community looks like: we, the organizers, are also volunteers and members of this community and we are figuring out the creative process as we go, along with anyone joining in, and being flexible and going with the flow. It’s not so much about meeting deadlines or the finished product (although it will look amazing when it’s displayed!); it’s about the experience of painting together and taking risks with the paints and brushes.

Thank you to City of Portland Office of Community & Civic Life East Portland Community Office (EPCO) Small Grants program for funding this project, and Prosper Portland for the space to make pop-up art!